In February I went with Jan and Lukas to Fuerteventura to to see and photograph some (desert) birds while escaping the cold German winter for a while. A detailed birding trip can be found here. We expected good birding opportunities but did not expect good conditions for photography at all.

We spent most of the early mornings and when the light was suitable throughout the day with Passerines in the different Barrancos of the island, where most of the passerines were present and easy to find.

During one visit of the Barranco de Rio Cabras we encountered a nice group of Black-winged Stilts, which we decided to visit again.

The evenings were alsmost exclusively spent with desert birds in the Tindaya plains.

It was surpringsingly hard to find Stone Curlews although we heard them regularly.

Cream-coloured Courser was definately our target species for the trip.

Fuerteventura offered some nice Coast Scapes as well.

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