Lapland 2019


For the fifth time I went to Swedish Lapland in June to spend another field work season in Vindelfjällen to continue the research on arctic breeding birds, particularly Dotterels.


This year we have spent quite some time in the birch forest for surveys and photographing forest birds.

Bluethroat - Blaukehlchen

The season has started with very good rodent numbers leading to very high abundances and good breeding success of predators. Around Ammarnäs we have counted 13 broods of Hawk Owls!

Hawk Owl - Sperbereule

Another great surprise was a pair of Three-toed Woodpecker

Three-toed Woodpecker - Dreizehenspecht

During a Great Snipe survey we have managed to see one individual always returning to the same spot to sing.

But as always, we spent most of the time above the treeline in the tundra.

Photoghraphing Phalaropes is always a great pleasure:

Long-tailed Skua - Falkenraubmöwe

Up in the tundra most of the Long-tailed Skuas were finally breeding again, causing close encounters 😉

Switching our rhythm from day to night revealed very nice light conditions during suitable weather.

One night it suddenly cooled down and started to snow…

… with an Arctic Fox barking at us.

We have continued our Dotterel research in the high parts of the tundra and spent many magic, endless arctic nights up in Dotterel country.

The highlight was a displaying flock of four females fighting for a male in midnight sun right in front of us.

Dotterel - Mornellregenpfeifer

Dotterel - Mornellregenpfeifer

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